My New Blog: Pax-Pentest.Net

As I wrote in my last post, retiring from writing this blog has afforded me an opportunity to indulge in some of my other interests, one of which is cyber-security, white-hat hacking and Penetration Testing.

As blogging is in my blood and I still suffer from a blogging itch, I have decided to chart my progress – or otherwise -┬áinto the world of cyber-security and Penetration Testing.

My new blog can be found:

I am of course aware that this new project will be of no interest to most of the readers of this blog and confess this post is as much about informing you, as informing search engines.



One Response to “My New Blog: Pax-Pentest.Net”

  1. Nancy Wallace Says:

    Thanks for the information about your new project. I took a look at your new blog and quickly realized that I hardly understood a word, so won’t be following it. I wish you well with the project – that it will be helpful to you and to others more technological minded than me.

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