Crappy end-of-year lists

This is a blog post of those awful end-of-year lists, that I really detest, and it’s definitely not sour grapes that I’m never included…..honestly:

Peter Ould - 2013 – The Anglicans to Watch - My prediction – nay prophecy – is the author of this list is the Anglican to watch this year.

A Very Public Sociologist - The top 100 list of tweeting political bloggers – Good to see Cranmer at a very respectable number 72 with a whopping 8888 followers!

The Beaker Folk - Top 10 Christians on Social Media by Shoe Size - Very unfair on me as I spent years in extremely painful, spiritually enhancing, Japanese foot binds.

Anita Mathias -  Blogocracy: 100 Popular Christian Bloggers (as measured by Facebook Followers) - I hate Facebook; should I have ‘Fan Page’?

Kouyanet - Blog of the Year - Not really a list but notable for not actually citing a blog of the year?

Let me know if you do one of these crappy ‘lists’ and I’ll add you.

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