Beware New Wine Churches may be peddling alcohol

Or at least that’s what some mobile networks thought of St Mark’s Church in Southampton, which was on O2′s highest security blocking setting.

St Mark’s is part of the New Wine Network of Churches and stated this on their website, and so mobile networks classified them under ‘alcohol’.

And if you’re wondering why I posted this, I confess, it made me laugh and I couldn’t resist the headline…..


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2 Responses to “Beware New Wine Churches may be peddling alcohol”

  1. From my diary at Roger Pearse Says:

    [...] eChurch blog story highlights that the mobile phone companies in the UK are censoring the internet.  In this case, [...]

  2. Goy Says:

    Iain Duncan Smith’s ‘tough’ site for jobseekers

    Here is one to make you cry!

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