Catholic and Orthodox Churches form holy alliance to help Greece through crisis

In many respects I’m fairly apathetic as to the reasoning underpinning this particular Catholic / Orthodox alliance, but am nonetheless delighted to read of such a collaborative partnership.

Richard Collins reminds us today that October 2012 is the launch period for the Holy Father’s push to evangelise the world. I maintain that the re-evangelisation of Europe will not be successful without Catholic / Orthodox alliance and collaboration. There has to be a recognition by both parties that a united and cooperating Church would be far more effective.

That’s just my opinion and I know many disagree.


4 Responses to “Catholic and Orthodox Churches form holy alliance to help Greece through crisis”

  1. Ttony Says:

    Catholic/Orthodox alliance: yes! Cardinal Schoenborn as Catholic lead? Errr, perhaps not.

  2. Goy Says:

    In hoc signo vinces†

    There is a Christian culture to be expressed in Europe today; this culture has penetrated the continent ever since its origins. There is, therefore, a vision of mankind and of society that has been pushed to the sidelines by the various ideologies that have emerged over the years. It is time for Christians to take stock of this and put this vision into practice.

    Banging my own drum, for a decade accross the internet have been advocating and ranting about the possibility of this alliance.

  3. Goy Says:

    In hoc signo vinces†

    And what of England, Danny Boyle’s Olympic vision of the New Jerusalem a “Green and Pleasant” land populated by beasts and wracked by division.

    At one end of the rolling British countryside is a Glastonbury Tor with a large oak tree on top and a ‘mosh pit’ underneath. At the other end is another pit of people, dubbed the ‘Posh pit’, to represent the final night of the Proms.

    “We hope they do a battle and face off each other during the evening,” Boyle said.

  4. Peter Kirk Says:

    Surely the evangelisation of Europe also needs a Catholic/Protestant alliance, and an Orthodox/Protestant one. After all, large parts of Europe are traditionally majority Protestant, and there are some strong Protestant congregations in majority Catholic or Orthodox areas.

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