Academic research shows widespread church growth in Britain.

We don’t read things like this every day do we!

Anglican Mainstream have reproduced a Church of England Newspaper article (June 7) citing research carried out at Cranmer Hall indicating Church growth in Britain.

I don’t have access to the original research but it appears to have been endorsed by some big names.

The article mentions “church growth often involves people from ethnic minorities” and I think this fact is obvious to many of us; however, a lesser known fact reported back in 2009 is that immigration favours Christianity over Islam, as more than half are Christian, and around a quarter Muslim.

This same 2009 report stated that as a result of immigration UK Christianity was becoming more conservative and:

“Perhaps the most significant change has been the growth of Pentecostal and charismatic Christianity within migrant populations, particularly those from Africa and Latin America,”

Catholicism had been boosted by the arrival of almost 600,000 immigrants from Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia; although, less-traditional forms of Christianity were experiencing the greatest increase.

It was also suggested back in 2009 that the arrival of large numbers of immigrants will potentially challenge the trend of secularisation in the UK as they tend to be more religiously observant.

Anyway do pop over and read the Anglican Mainstream article and let me know your thoughts.


3 Responses to “Academic research shows widespread church growth in Britain.”

  1. Lisa Graas Says:

    My thoughts are “wow.”

  2. Goy Says:

    In hoc signo vinces†

    Not sure that the importation of christian vernacular corruptions – with shamanistic culture and prosperity scams is a good thing.

  3. webmaster Says:

    @Goy – agreed.

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