A few good links

A few links I found interesting for one reason or another:

Enrichment Journal – Is God Just a Psychological Crutch for the Weak?

The Emotionally Sensitive Person – Trusting Your Intuition

Assyrian International News Agency – The Difference Between Christians and Christians in Syria

Heresy Corner – Tolerance and diversity

Rucksack Revolution – Paradox, Bipolar Disorder & “Either-Or” Theology

Sultan Knish – The Great Identity Crisis

The Human Rights Blog РShould atheists be explicitly protected in human rights instruments?

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6 Responses to “A few good links”

  1. Tim Says:

    “Should atheists be explicitly protected in human rights instruments?”

    No. Atheists should be cast into the outer darkness to weep and wail to their hearts content without being able to annoy anyone else ever again. When they realise what naughty children they’ve been, then and only then can they be allowed to take their place amongst normal people.

  2. Tim Says:

    By the way, that top link is absolutely superbly excellent. I don’t know where you got it from but it is easily the best one of all.

  3. webmaster Says:

    Yeah some geezer in the pub told me about that link if I recall rightly…. ;-)

  4. Tim Says:

    The pub? Again? You’re spending far too much time in the pub young man. Actually, speaking of young men, us grey heads need to stick together I think. We should have what I read someone call a ‘Grey Pride Parade’, lol.

  5. webmaster Says:

    :lol: Grey Pride Parade :lol:

  6. Tim Says:

    We could have fun with slogans:

    I’m proud of my Grey Dad.
    Better Grey than Grumpy.
    My parents were Grey
    I’m Grey because it’s in my genes.
    Have a Grey Day.

    And of course our flag would just be grey. Maybe different shades of grey with some salt and pepper dotted about.

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