Most Christians hate Christian TV

This comes as absolutely no surprise to me frankly.

Pastor David Wright has polled his 100,000 Facebook fans to find their views on Christian TV and 90% of respondents were negative.

The major turn-offs were:

Too much begging for money and fundraising telethons

False prosperity teachers manipulating people for offerings

Boring and a lack of quality programming

Lack of integrity of Christian leaders being broadcast

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I gave up watching years ago for exactly the reasons cited above.

Although I hear the Catholic EWTN channel is worth watching.

Do any of you watch Christian TV?

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4 Responses to “Most Christians hate Christian TV”

  1. Spambot3049 Says:

    TBN channel is very good with T.D. Jakes (The Potter’s House) and Joyce Meyer, especially. Joel Olsteen and Creflo Dollar are very charismatic and interesting, too, but I’ve heard they stray into that “prosperity Gospel” doctrine, and so I am wary of that. Paula White used to be on that network, too, but I have not seen her program there in months.

    As for EWTN, I catch the homily of the daily mass on occassion, and it is almost always instructive and interesting, but there is little else on that network that has caught my interest. I just never feel the fire and passion from speakers on EWTN as compared with TBN.

  2. Tim Says:

    Not by choice usually. I might occasionally watch a show of some kind on Youtube if it has a subject that interests me. But what on earth is it with these TV shows, for example the ones where someone is telling of a life-changing event or something similar, that have this really really really really really naff cheesy piano music playing in the background all the way through. And they all seem to have it! Oh for goodness sake!!! That is the one thing that’s guaranteed to make me switch off.

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  4. Lazarus Says:

    I like EWTN! It does have its poorer moments (which station doesn’t?) but it does also regularly show programmes that manage to be informative and engaging about Catholicism.

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