Russian Orthodox Church Opposing Intervention in Syria

The New York Times has an interesting article exploring the position of the Russian Orthodox Church in relation to the ongoing strife in Syria.

As Russia’s government resists calls for outside intervention in Syria, the Russian Orthodox Church is doing likewise.

And why are they adopting this position?

Because they are fearful for the survival of Christian minority groups should Assad fall and Islamic fundamentalism fills the void.

And perhaps they are right to be fearful.

Last month Revolutionary fighters expelled 50,000 Christians from embattled city of Homs and I’ve already blogged a couple of times on the fears for Christians should there be revolutionary change.


6 Responses to “Russian Orthodox Church Opposing Intervention in Syria”

  1. David Keen Says:

    The trouble is, that support will make things worse for the church in Syria in the short term. If the church is seen to be on the side of the oppressors, then they become a target, as they already have. If the rebels aren’t making headway against the regime then they can take it out on an easier target.

  2. Goy Says:

    In hoc signo vinces†

    “The issue of “Christianophobia” shot to the top of the church’s agenda a year ago, with a statement warning that “they are killing our brothers and sisters, driving them from their homes, separating them from their near and dear, stripping them of the right to confess their religious beliefs.” The metropolitan asked Mr. Putin to promise to protect Christian minorities in the Middle East.”

    The Russian foreign policy is understandable it is the Western powers that appear to have the cloaked political agendas of actioning and supporting Islamic fundamentalism throughout the Middle East and anywhere else in the World where Islam gains a foothold – perilous politics, indeed.

  3. webmaster Says:

    What do they gain from it Goy?

  4. Goy Says:

    In hoc signo vinces†

    That is the big question, Islam may not be compatible with Western pluralism but it is compatible with corrupted capitalism consequently never let feudal totalitarianism get in the way of business.

  5. Philip Says:

    Assad is no humanitarian! We can all agree on that and he should not be appeased. However, beware of the Islamic fundamentalist genie the west seems to unwittingly release. The awful and terrible murder by the cruel decapitation of a Christian convert in Tunisia (covered in this blog and over the net) demonstrates the depths that have been reached by some adherents to this ‘world religion’. In many cases Orthodox Christians have been the last at the barricades in the fight against Islamic fundamentalists and we have seen this in the Caucusus region, the Balkans, Egypt and other countries of the Mideast.

  6. webmaster Says:

    I read this yesterday Philip, it’s very complex but very interesting:

    The Difference Between Christians and Christians in Syria

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