General Medical Council (GMC) consultation – Personal Beliefs and Medical Practice

There’s currently an important General Medical Council (GMC) consultation taking place on the subject of Good Medical Practice.

Dr Saunders notes:

…the review is crucially important because, once finalised (definitive guidance will be published in November), these documents will be the basis on which doctors are judged and those who breach the rules will be at risk of disciplinary proceedings and losing their medical registration.

Of particular pertinence to us is the GMC draft document ‘Personal Beliefs and Medical Practice’, which incorporates the contentious issues of faith discussions within a medical context, and conscientious objection.

This consultation is open to anyone who wishes to comment and closes 13th June.

I’m really sorry that I haven’t got the time right now to properly digest this document and blog; however, do read Dr Saunders piece and relevant links.

It’s worth noting that the Anscombe Bioethics Centre, which is a Roman Catholic academic institution engaging moral issues arising in clinical practice, have provided some notes of their own relating to the GMC draft consultation on personal belief in medical practice. You can find that here in PDF format.

I’m stretched to the limit right now and can’t give this the time I want to, but I’d love your thoughts on this if you get a chance to read the docs.

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