Friday Question: Is the Internet Killing Faith?

According to this article written by an atheist it certainly is.

I simply disagree with virtually every point made in the article and could fisk it, but more importantly I’d like to know what you guys think on this question.

What’s been your experience of the Christian online world; has it helped or hindered your faith?

It’s an important question.

Tell us what you think…..

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9 Responses to “Friday Question: Is the Internet Killing Faith?”

  1. Tim Says:

    It is a dreadful article isn’t it. I had to smile at this: Open access to knowledge — the ability to fact check your pastors and imams and rabbis — is a death knell for religion as we know it, and the Internet is only hastening the process

    I have not come across any atheists who bother to actually fact-check anything. Most of them barely have any research skills whatsoever, and as for the ability to use critical analysis…words fail me.

    The ‘abundance of information’ that he writes of is offset by the super-abundance of conspiracy theory clap-trap and all sorts of other nonsense. The only thing that concerns me is that now a lot of people think they know it all, purely because they have access to Wiki’s etc., whereas before they at least used to try and read books if they wanted to learn anything. Plagiarism is a big problem in education now.

    Coincidentally I have just this evening been reading some excellent articles on atheism written by christians. You might enjoy looking them over Stuart.

    New Atheist Magical Thinking

    No evidence for God?

    An atheist that doesn’t get it This one tackles the claim that atheism is the default position.

  2. webmaster Says:

    Couldn’t agree more Tim, except for of course the dig at Wiki ;-)

    Thanks for the articles, I’ll check them out especially as I can’t seem to find much of interest at the mo…..

  3. Tim Says:

    I knew you’d like that bit about Wiki, lol.

  4. webmaster Says:

    Like it, I’m mortally grieved and offended. You come across like my professors who seem to have a problem with the fact that my entire thesis is based on information pulled from Wiki.

    What on earth could be wrong with that?

  5. Tim Says:

    You could always transfer to one of those Poly…ummm… Metropolitan Uni’s. I’m sure they wouldn’t have a problem with it. LOL

  6. Roger Pearse Says:

    It is rather strange, but my experience of atheists online is that they behave like robots. By this I mean that they say exactly the same things and behave in exactly the same way. This atheist has simply taken the 19th century “science is killing religion” and dropped in the word “internet”.

    It is doubtless the case that atheist collections of excuses for not listening are more readily available to the average uneducated atheist than they were. In the past they all bought these dreary books like Joseph Wheless to get their stock excuses.

    But all the writer is saying is that it is easier for the atheist who doesn’t know anything for himself to find some excuse to ignore what he hears in church.

    No doubt it is so. And good luck with that.

    The atheist wants to throw stones at Christians, and demand that the Christians “prove” things to him (while the atheist demands that he has no corresponding duty, of course). The Christian is not, on the whole, interested in such sterile games, as he has things to do.

    I believe that atheism is greatly damaged by the internet. The sheer nastiness and brain-deadness of most atheism is something that one encounters at every turn.

  7. webmaster Says:

    I believe that atheism is greatly damaged by the internet. The sheer nastiness and brain-deadness of most atheism is something that one encounters at every turn.

    Totally agree.

  8. Nate Says:

    I found the internet very helpful in my transition from fundamentalism to a more real faith and appreciation of the Bible. Without the internet and the connections I made I might be an atheist.

  9. webmaster Says:

    Thanks Nate, exactly the same with me.

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