A quick plug for my Russian Orthodox friends in Cheltenham

My local Russian Orthodox friends have a shiny new website called: Russian Orthodox Community in Gloucestershire & Cotswalds

Do hop over and give them a boost and their very first blog post can be found here.

And you can find them on Twitter: RussianOrthodox Glos

I promise once again to get along to a service and get some piccy’s for the blog.

Sorry guys I didn’t make it last time….that was due to me being a big wally…..


4 Responses to “A quick plug for my Russian Orthodox friends in Cheltenham”

  1. Philip Says:

    Thanks for the plug Stuart. Very much work in progress and Russian, Ukrainian versions yet to be launched. We were just keen to get something up there, so to speak! :-)

  2. webmaster Says:

    Understood. By the way you’re still linking your name to the Facebook page; I’d advise changing that link to your websitefrom now on. It will help not only in sending folk to your website, but search engines will recognise it as an inbound link; which all helps….

  3. Philip Says:

    Cheers Stuart, we’re tweaking things as we go along, so any helpful feedback such as yours is very welcome :-)

  4. webmaster Says:

    No probs, I’ll keep hopping over and in the meantime if you have any specific probs, questions let me know…..

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