Find out what the Foreign Office did to tackle religious persecution in 2011

Gillan has the info here.

And it’s worth noting that Charles Reed has commented on this also.

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  1. Gillan Scott:

    Thanks Stuart. I only posted that up two minutes ago! Some really interesting information about our Governments interactions with other countries such as Iran if you’ve got the time to delve a bit deeper.

  2. webmaster:

    Ha. I know which Tweeters and Bloggers are of primary interest to me. You’re on my coveted “must read” list ;-)

  3. Goy:

    Found this of more concern The Pirate Bay must be blocked by UK ISPs, court rules, than the Islamophile blabbering of the Foreign Office report what do they not understand about sharia law trumping human rights in the MENA and why that results in persecution and human rights abuses.