God punishes Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt for opposing London Christian Radio

Oh you have no idea how much fun it was thinking up that title.

In case you don’t know, Hunt is in a whole heap of trouble after evidence emerged during the Leveson Inquiry, which appeared to show his support and collusion with News Corp, in their bid for BSkyB.

Interestingly, Hunt recently opposed an application for a judicial review of an advertisement ban, placed on London Christian Radio (Premier Radio) by the Radio Advertising Clearance Centre (RACC).

The advert in question encouraged Christians to report their experiences of marginalisation in the work place.

Here is the text of the offending radio advert:

“We are CCP. Surveys have shown that over 60% of active Christians consider that Christians are being increasingly marginalised in the workplace.

We are concerned to get the most accurate data to inform the public debate.

We will then use this data to help make a fairer society.

Please visit CCP magazines.co.uk and report your experiences.”

Hunt and the RACC deemed this ‘political’ and promptly banned it. Hunt then attempted to block a judicial review of the banning. A judge has now upheld the ban and makes this interesting comment on Hunt:

But he stressed that the MP’s stance was not “anti-Christian” and that his reasoning could apply to any other religion.

Yeah, that would be because Hunt is such an impartial chap.

I think today gives the lie to that.

Anyway, if you want to get to the legal nitty-gritty and controversies on this banning case, you’d do no better than clicking this link.

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5 Responses to “God punishes Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt for opposing London Christian Radio”

  1. Richard Hall Says:

    I’m all in favour of giving Jeremy Hunt a metaphorical kicking.

    But I wish we could give up this “Christians are being persecuted in Britain” stuff. It’s nonsense. And, worse than that, grossly insulting to those who endure real hardship for the sake of the gospel.

  2. Lisa Graas Says:

    Richard, so, because having a “Whites Only” sign isn’t nearly as bad as slavery, we should be okay with “Whites Only” signs? Really? Just wow. I just love how people like to grade sins on a curve.

  3. Roger Pearse Says:

    It’s always amusing to watch those who endorse the persecution of the church claim that the church isn’t persecuted. It’s the bully’s ploy, isn’t it? — always blame the victim!

  4. Richard Hall Says:

    How bizarre! I’m certainly not endorsing “the persecution of the church”. I’m a member of the church! It’s just a matter of simple fact that the church in Britain isn’t persecuted.

  5. Simian Says:

    Like many others I’m no great fan of Hunt, but should we not wait until the current judicial enquiry publishes its findings before branding Hunt guilty of the misconduct of which he is accused regarding News Corp? There do appear to be some grounds to question the current attacks on him in the press and by the opposition.

    And let’s not forget that the Murdochs are probably now out for revenge, and they want to try to discredit as many politicians as they can over the coming days, earnestly wishing that some of the mud they fling will stick, no matter whether there is justification. A bit like the News of the World then!

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