The religious dimension to the London Mayoral Elections

Some interesting stats over on BRIN on the religious dimension to the London Mayoral Elections.

These include perceptions on Boris Johnson banning Transport for London running the “Not gay! Ex Gay, Post-gay and proud. Get over it.” ads:

51% of Londoners thought that Johnson had been right to ban the advert, rising to 58% of his own supporters, 12% more than among the backers of Labour’s Mayoral candidate (Ken Livingstone), who one might have expected to have taken an even tougher pro-equality stance.

Women were more likely to endorse Johnson’s actions in the affair than men, the 18-24s more than older age cohorts, non-manual workers than manuals, and whites than non-whites. 26% opposed Johnson’s intervention, with 24% undecided.

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  1. Lisa Graas:

    It is a disorder. Some can recover from it and some can’t.

    I thought Britain had come to reject the hard tyranny of kings.

  2. Lisa Graas:

    yes, I plan to go to the clinic today. I have a disorder.