A few good links

A few links I found interesting for one reason or another:

Sheffield Biblical Studies – Neoliberalism and Postmodernity: contextualizing for HJ quests

A Reluctant Sinner – Happy Birthday, Holy Father! – Providence has linked a Holy Beggar of Rome with the city’s current Bishop, Benedict XVI

Cearta.ie – Offence and confusion

Peter Enns – Creating the Bible in Our Image of God (or vice-versa?)

Truth and Charity – 10 Signs You Might be Called to be a Catholic Blogger

Harry’s Place – Hate Preachers Return To Quaker Venue

Equus Nom Veritas: The Other JC – TMM: Three Models

The Alethiophile – Confession of a left-wing christian

Accepting Abundance – Quiddity for Atheists

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