Quote of the Day

Every time I think of packing in my blog (which is frequently) I remind myself that I’m not writing a book. I think a blog only works if any post is seen as the first word and not the last word on any matter. It allows for thinking aloud – something most leaders are not encouraged to do as changing your mind, learning or growing up are seen as weaknesses rather than strengths.

Anyway, this blog runs the risk that I will write ‘first word’ stuff that gets quoted back later as if it were ‘last word’ conclusions. Quotable lines from one context get held up as heresy in another. I guess it’s just part of the game, but it’s also a massive pain.

SOURCE – Blogging Bishop Nick Baines

How on earth would we refer to the ‘Blogging Bishop’ if he quit blogging? The mind boggles……

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  1. Lisa Graas:

    Brilliant quote. I understand the point. God bless him and his blogging.