Iranian Bishop encourages Western Christians to value their freedoms

I found this message from Chaldean Bishop of Tehran, Ramzi Garmou, very encouraging and timely. At a time when many Western Christians fear the slippery slope erosion of freedom, it’s worth remembering the freedoms we do still enjoy. I love the fact the good Bishop also reminds us of the oft forgotten fruit of suffering:

A local bishop in Iran has encouraged Western Christians to value their freedom, but also to put it to good use.

In a meeting with international Catholic pastoral charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), the Chaldean Bishop of Tehran, Ramzi Garmou, had a message for Christians in the West, saying, “Be aware of the value of the freedom that you enjoy.”

He then challenged Western Christians to “make good use of their freedom,” asking, “How do you use it in your countries?”

He emphasized that they must not become “the slaves of a culture that seeks to drive God out of people’s hearts,” but rather that they should use their freedom to “propagate respect for human life.”

A culture without God leads to “death” and has “no future,” he said.

Christians in Iran only represent a small minority, yet “their vitality does not depend on their numbers but on the quality of their faith and their living witness.”

In their “day-to-day dialogue” with the Muslims, the Christians in Iran “give authentic witness to the values of the Gospels,” he continued.

The substantial emigration of Christians from Iran for political, economic and religious reasons represents a challenge, but Bishop Garmou emphasized that the Christian community in Iran does not let itself become discouraged.

“Although we are our mothers’ children, in truth we were sent to this country by God.”

He continued by saying that it is often forgotten today that the suffering endured for the Church is the “source of the life of the Church.” He went on to say that such trials lead to the renewal and strengthening of the Church.

Up to 99 percent of the population of the Islamic Republic of Iran is Muslim. Conversions from Islam are forbidden and punishable by death.

Christians represent a minority of some 80,000, three-quarters of whom are Armenian Orthodox.

The 20,000 Catholics living in Iran belong to three different Rites. They are permitted to practice their religion within their congregations at their places of worship, but they are not allowed to profess their faith openly, and missionary activity is forbidden.


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3 Responses to “Iranian Bishop encourages Western Christians to value their freedoms”

  1. Peter Kirk Says:

    Not sure where this source got its figures for Christians in Iran from. I note that there is no allowance made for Evangelicals, Pentecostals and Anglicans, all of which are significant communities, although suffering serious persecution. According to Operation World, there are 384,897 Christians in Iran, with an annual growth rate of 5.1%, including 117,678 Evangelicals with an annual growth rate of 19.6%. Note also the following:

    Massive numbers have recently been coming to Jesus. From only 500 Muslim-background believers in 1979, conservative estimates now suggest over 100,000 MBBs in Iran, a number rapidly increasing. Some, more optimistic, place this number as high as a million.

    The death penalty for apostasy has not been formally put into practice, although it is currently threatened in the case of Youcef Nadarkhani.

  2. webmaster Says:

    Thanks for that Peter, it’s a good spot.

  3. Goy Says:

    In hoc signo vinces†

    “the slaves of a culture that seeks to drive God out of people’s hearts,”

    Interfaith dialogue, is collaboration and being the slave to a political “culture” – islam, that wants to drive the (judeo-christian) God from people’s hearts.

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