An escapable ‘truth’ – Lisa Graas responds

I like it when other bloggers respond to my posts, even if not in agreement!

Lisa’s responded to my post yesterday on changing our personality types to fit a doctrine, and she raises some salient points.


3 Responses to “An escapable ‘truth’ – Lisa Graas responds”

  1. Lisa Graas Says:

    I keep meaning to go look up the word “salient” but I keep forgetting.

    thanks, my brother.

  2. Lisa Graas Says:

    This didn’t show up on my FB page when I clicked ‘like’.

  3. Terry B Says:

    From your blog of the 18th March, Stuart:-
    “To state there is a moral obligation to change a personality type through sheer force of will in order to accept a doctrine is simply not helpful; I should know, I tried it.
    This approach leads to a very uncomfortable and potentially damaging form of dissonance.
    Trying to ram ourselves into a doctrinal box that runs counter to our true selves, simply doesn’t work in the long term. . . . . . .
    This is what happened to me and it still angers me.”

    In response this from Lisa makes sense;-

    “You can’t change the biological part but you have to be open to changing the social part. Only God knows where the line is drawn distinctly between the two. Only Him.
    On the bright side, it is God who fixes us — heals us from our disorders. …..”

    Do not for God’s sake (I mean that!) try to ‘force yourself into a box’! However, I firmly believe that we each need to be open to the Holy Spirit of God changing us ‘from one degree of glory to another’. This cannot be forced but we MUST be open to His healing as and when it comes.
    Christ as the ‘Sin-bearer’ is a Biblical truth. How it is applied to my life at this moment in time is between me and the Father, mediated by His Holy Spirit living and working in His people.

    Have a truly blessed Holy Week and Easter.
    Terry B

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