Quote of the Day

In response to my Tweet:

Well, I went to a Mass service and left convinced it didn’t penetrate my cold, dark, heart, but on reflection, I do feel better…

Patti responded with this, which is my quotation of the day:

Never make the mistake of thinking the efficacy of the Mass is in any way related to how it makes you feel



4 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. pattif Says:

    Wow! I’m deeply honoured.

  2. Ben Trovato Says:

    You’re right – a great observation!

  3. marc Says:

    Thanks for that thought Patti. I try to run through all the scripture readings and reflect on them before attending daily mass. I find it concentrates my mind before going anywhere near the Eucharistic service.

  4. Richard B Says:

    Excellent point Patti. Although not a Catholic I can appreciate the effects of Godly ritual and the Living Word who washed over Peter and friends are true refreshment even today to our weary and thirsty souls.

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