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Many atheists reject the existence of this absolutely huge Celestial Daddy. Every major theologian throughout Christian history say that they are right to. That is not the Christian God. We would need to be liberated from this terrible figure, the Heavenly Boss. He would suffocate us and rob us of our freedom. Most atheism is getting out of the shadow of this oppressive figure in which no orthodox Christian believes anyway. When Cardinal Murphey-O’Connor appealed for dialogue between believers and atheists, Dawkins replied that he could see no point in discussing with someone like the Cardinal who believed in talking to ‘an imaginary friend’. But dialogue with atheists is important for at least one reason – they can be freed from wasting their time disbelieving in a god whom no traditional Christian accepts anyway. We can cry out, like Meister Eckhart in the middle of a sermon, ‘I pray that God will rid me of God’.

SOURCE: Tomothy Radcliffe – Why Go To Church? Page 69


2 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Simian Says:

    I think this is a false dichotomy. It appears to reflect what Christians may presume that Atheists think, rather than what they actually think, or at least not informed Atheists. The fact that some uncouth people use this kind of terminology to taunt Christians does not necessarily imply that Atheists believe it. Perhaps I’ve missed the point of the rhetoric?

  2. yossarian Says:

    I, as an atheist, am pleased that there is another god ” this absolutely huge Celestial Daddy” which we can add, with Thor, Zeus, etc to the list of gods in which neither of us believe. Just to check if I really do ‘go that one god further’, can you give me a quick description of the god in which you do believe and I’ll let you know if I share your belief or rather add it to my list.

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