A few good links

A few links I found interesting for one reason or another:

Peter Ould – Richard Coles on Gay Marriage

iBenedictines – How to be a Good Sinner

Brendan O’neill (Telegraph) – Gay marriage is now the issue through which the elite advertises its superiority over the redneck masses

The Deacon’s Bench – “The dominant Catholic narrative of our time is not decline, but astronomic growth”

UK Human Rights Blog – Catholic midwives must continue indirect role in abortions, despite human rights protections

Ligonier – Theological Narcissism

Spiked – God save us from atheist whining

Jack of Kent – The Outing of Bloggers

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2 Responses to “A few good links”

  1. Quiet Riot Girl Says:

    Hi I am the blogger who was ‘outed’ that Jack of Kent wrote about.

    He did not cover all the facts of the case. If I write about it myself I will leave a link here and would be grateful if you included it alongside his.

    I think I deserve a right of reply at the very least!



  2. webmaster Says:

    Hi QRG,

    Thanks for commenting.

    Dead right you deserve the right of reply. And I will of course include the link when you write about this.

    For me personally, I didn’t link to Jack of Kent because it was about you specifically, but because the whole issue of “outing” bloggers is of general interest to me.

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