A few good links

A few links I found interesting for one reason or another:

Beyond Blue – What Comes First? Religion or Depression

Harry’s Place – Paved with good intentions

That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill – It sounds ridiculous, but this is how it always begins…

The Biblical World – Think you are the messiah? Perhaps you have Jerusalem Syndrome.

God and Politics – Clearing the Ground a review – part 1: Religious illiteracy is strangling freedom of belief

UK Human Rights Blog – The democratic legitimacy of human rights

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6 Responses to “A few good links”

  1. Goy Says:

    In hoc signo vinces†

    @Harry’s Place – Paved with good intentions.

    “Solidarity, status and dignity! That’s it! Well, you might ask, if that’s the case, what is wrong with British solidarity, status and dignity? After all we have Muslim MPs, Peers, and a Muslim chair of the Conservative Party.” – Harrys Place.

    Is there not already more than a hint of the sharia influence already in U.K. law and politics, the above are but a few examples of those whom hold influence particularly in the law making of England and Scotland.

    Could it not be said that David Cameron’s contempt for human rights is essentially in sympathy with sharia law and contrary to Western values?

  2. Tim Says:

    Careful Goy, Gordon will be accusing you of racism, lol.

  3. Simian Says:

    I read the Beyond Blue post with interest. One paragraph particularly struck me:

    How is it that we depressives tend to be more spiritual? Or is it that the more religion you get in your life, the more depressed?

    And here I have a confession to make: It was during a particularly severe bout of depression that I had my epiphany and realised I could no longer believe in a God. And that in itself was like removing an incredibly heavy burden, and the lightness experienced as a result of this acceptance was totally awesome.

    People recount similar experiences on finding and accepting God. I guess this can go both ways, and I think I understand why people feel ‘saved’ by their conversion to belief in God. This acceptance can be hugely beneficial to our mental state. Conversely, I think that desperately trying to make our unwilling minds fit our externally validated faith (or lack of faith) can lead us to a truly awful mental hell.

  4. Goy Says:


    Generally there is something that makes me really nervious about linking a persons mental health to their ability to make conviction choices.

  5. Gordon Says:

    That sounds like my experience Simian.

    Freedom from not having to believe against evidence. I suppose I need gnosis more than pistis.

  6. Simian Says:

    I think I was trying to say that the problem occurs when there is a disconnect between how you think you should feel and how you actually feel.

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