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The root of all sin is fear: the very deep fear that we are nothing; the compulsion, therefore, to make something of ourselves, to construct a self-flattering image of ourselves we can worship, to believe in ourselves – our fantasy selves. I think all sins are failures in being realistic; even the simple everyday sins of the flesh, that seem to come from mere childish greed for pleasure, have their deepest origin in anxiety about whether we really matter, the anxiety that makes us desperate for self-reassurance. To sin is always to construct an illusory self that we can admire, instead of the real self we can only love.

SOURCE: Timothy Radcliffe – Why Go To Church: Page 21 – Quoting Herbert McCabe


One Response to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Hocus Pocus Says:

    Erich Fromm in his respected book, “The Fear of Freedom”, made a strong case for the fear of isolation, not so much of insignificance, being at the root of what he called “the authoritarian character”, and applied it in the extreme case to the Nazi ideology. It is an important distinction.

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