A few good links

A few links I found interesting for one reason or another:

Catholic Boy Richard – “Getting It Straight” on Same-Gender Attraction…And Rick Santorum

A Grain of Sand – Fairness

Liberal Conspiracy – Why was my friend jailed over botched attempt to end his own life?

Dreaming Beneath the Spires – Successful Christians; Hidden Christians

Get Religion – Last temptation of Castro

Psych Central – Are You In Recovery But Not Really Recovering?

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6 Responses to “A few good links”

  1. Simian Says:

    Regarding this ‘legal action’ to which Lisa refers – I’ve not seen the original exchange so am at a disadvantage, but knowing your style as I do I cannot think for one second that this person has any grounds for legal action against you.
    But I just wanted to say that if it did come to being pursued, I for one would contribute to your legal fund, even though in some respects our views on ‘life, the Universe and everything’ are fundamentally different.
    I think it’s outrageous that this kind of threat is made in the blogosphere.
    If people were able to prosecute for any comment with which they might take exception then there would not be much blogosphere left! I know people have said outrageous things to you, and to most of your readers. But this is an informal environment where the only rules should be good manners.
    I’m really sorry to learn about this trouble. I’m sure the vast majority will be right behind you if needed! :-)

  2. webmaster Says:

    Thanks Simian, I really appreciate that!

    I’m under quite a lot of flak right now….

  3. News Items That Make Me Say ‘Whozawhatzit’? « Catholic Bandita Says:

    [...] Catholic Boy Richard makes my little Passionist heart go thumpety thumpety thump. Just sayin’… (Hat-tip, Stuart) [...]

  4. David Says:

    Hi Stuart,
    Is your blog now a Catholic Blog?


  5. Jill Says:

    ‘I’m under a lot of flak right now’

    I know how you feel, Stuart. It doesn’t help, either, when other people come along and put the boot in.

  6. Richard G Evans Says:

    Hi and thank you for sharing the article on SSA and Rick Santorum from my website “Catholicboyrichard.” I would cordially invite any of your readers to stop over and say hello anytime.

    We share about religion, politics, and occasionally just fun stuff too, in short a variety of life and current events issues, but from a Catholic Christian perspective, at least that is our aim and goal–while always charity to those from other backgrounds and views too.

    God bless and see you there–http://catholicboyrichard.wordpress.com.

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