A few good links

A few links I found interesting for one reason or another:

Future Shape of Church – Ecumenical Matters

Parchment and Pen – When God Does Not Show Up

Center for Law and Religion – Can the State Order a Church to “De-Baptize” Someone?

Chelliah Laity – Bishops Accused of Not Being So Christian

Slate – That’s Obama’s Jobs Plan?

MercatorNet – Will the “Great Satan” strike a deal with Iran?

Opinionated Vicar – Painful Truths, Awkward Questions

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13 Responses to “A few good links”

  1. Goy Says:

    In hoc signo vinces†

    Bishops Accused of Not Being So Christian

    Lord Carey praised the efforts of Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith – whom he called a “committed Christian” – to overhaul a benefits system which, at its worst, “rewards fecklessness and irresponsibility”. – Ex-Archbishop Carey attacks bishops over benefit cap

    This has to be shot down “fecklessness” is a label the Nazis used as moral justification for the extermination of people.

    The welfare reform “debate” is descending into the evil madness of “Arbeit macht frei”, an evil madness that as these reforms take effect will be visible to all.

    Diary of a Benefit Scrounger

  2. webmaster Says:

    I’m glad you commented on Lord Carey Goy, I was so annoyed I nearly emailed you!

  3. webmaster Says:

    In fact, if I had the wherewithal, I would blog a rebuttal.

  4. Tim Says:

    That’s the one downside I noted of my visit to the USA. If you are penniless you’re in serious trouble, and it made me appreciate even more the help that is available over here, particularly the NHS.

  5. Goy Says:


    Sue Marsh, the fighting spirit of a Christian Saint. Lord Carey, an ideological scrounger and morally bankrupt.

  6. Sarah M Says:

    We have personal experience of the effects of the cuts. One of my children is seriously disabled and last summer his Disability Living Allowance was stopped. This was a huge blow to us.

    Happily the hospital backed us very fiercely and it was reinstated, but his consultant said about a third of his patients who had previously been eligible for DLA had been refused during 2011 – though nearly all of them won at appeal. Going to appeal causes huge stress – and a considerable amount of extra work for NHS staff – to regain a benefit that common sense would grant immediately. All these kids are all under the care of a specialist department and being actively treated – fraud simply isn’t possibly.

    I am appalled to see that 12 doctors employed by ATOS, the firm paid to assess people claiming disability benefit are under investigation by the General Medical Council over allegations of improper conduct. There’s an article about it in The Observer.

  7. webmaster Says:

    Goy, would you agree with the premise that all major political parties are now neo-Liberal?

  8. Tim Says:

    Stuart this is good, you’ll enjoy this:

    Lame excuses for not praying

  9. Goy Says:



  10. webmaster Says:

    Will it implode on itself?

  11. webmaster Says:

    Also, sorry Goy, what blogs would you recommend I follow? I’m now following Diary of a Benefit Scrounger….

  12. Goy Says:


    Most of my webtime is now spent squatting on your site (apology), the thoughts on neo-liberalism or ultra-liberalism have been my own.

    Will it implode on itself?

    I think christianity can act as a counter to ultra-liberalism, it is a strange kind of politics it is both a vechicle to totalitarianism (implode) and an inciting agent of totalitarianism (explode) – its initial moral and political ambiguity and obscurity is its strength.

    Eric Voegelin (on Gnosticism) gets close to what maybe the root of ultra-liberalism.

  13. webmaster Says:

    Never apologise Goy, it’s great having around.

    And you know what, I’m starting to get this….

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