University of Sheffield Exciting New Project: Religion and the Media

Dr Jim West alerts us to an exciting new project connected with the University of Sheffield, called: Religion and the Media.

Here’s what they say about the project themselves:

This new blog is going to be dedicated to all things media and religion, usually with some connection to issues relating to media freedom, linked as it is with the Centre for Freedom of Media at the University of Sheffield. In addition to news and updates, there will be regular analysis from a variety of people both linked to the Centre in someway and guest bloggers. For (marginally) more detail see the About page.

And this from their “About” page:

This blog is part of the Centre for Freedom of the Media (University of Sheffield) which reflects a developing research collaboration between Jackie Harrison and James Crossley. The blog will be dedicated to updates, news and analysis of a wide range of issues relating to religion and the media.

I’m thrilled so see a new project of this ilk, as the interplay between religion and media is an ongoing source of frustration interest. I’m often surprised anew at the lack of religious knowledge some journalists and mainstream media platforms exhibit, and that’s not to mention the sometimes glaring bias.

There is only one other website dedicated to religion in the media that I know of, and that is the excellent GetReligion blog, which specialises in highlighting errors, generalisations, and lack of context and balance when reporting on religion. We really do need more resources in this important area.

So, I shall be watching this new project with interest and am with Dr West in looking forward to what they can offer as a corrective to poor religious reporting.

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