Caroline Farrow (Catholic Voices) Radio Kerry Interview about Denum Ellarby

Caroline – Who represents Catholic Voicesblogged yesterday on the controversy generated by a Daily Mail article, which revealed that a Catholic Priest had postponed Holy Communion preparation classes for a seven-year-old boy with Downs Syndrome.

I won’t re-hash all of the intricacies surrounding this case, as you can hop over to the Daily Mail and Caroline’s piece to furnish yourself with more information.

Below I’ve linked to a media file which contains an interview given by Caroline to Radio Kerry earlier today. I thought Caroline gave a super interview, on what is a very controversial, complex and sensitive subject. Well worth a listen.

Radio Kerry Interview with Caroline Farrow

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One Response to “Caroline Farrow (Catholic Voices) Radio Kerry Interview about Denum Ellarby”

  1. Ben Trovato Says:

    I agree: a tough interview to undertake and she did it very well.

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