A few good links

A few links I found interesting for one reason or another:

CIFwatch – Was Moses a colonizer? The Guardian’s Nicholas Lezard uncovers why us Jews are kleptomaniacs

pmphillips’s posterous – The Way of Death is paved with…

Left Foot Forward – 2012 – the year the world must wake up to Christian persecution

NewScientist – The hard way: Our odd desire to do it ourselves

Trinitarian Dance – Dealing with personal sin is like extracting an ingrown toenail.

USAToday – The God effect: ambition drops with temptation

Linen on the Hedgerow – Be Gay friendly – or go to jail!

Science and Religion Today – How Can You Tell How Humble Someone Is?

Cranmer – The quest for the elusive ‘Conservative Particle’ in the Coalition Collider

Christian medical Comment – Lessons from Stephen Hawking and Kathryn Higham about assisted suicide

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13 Responses to “A few good links”

  1. Craig Bennett Says:

    Hi Stuart. Thanks for the link. How did you come across my blog?

  2. webmaster Says:

    Hi Craig, truth is, I’ve been following your blog for so long I can’t even remember!

  3. Craig Bennett Says:

    Thanks Stuart. I am constantly amazed and humbled by who reads and follows my blog.

  4. Goy Says:

    Cranmer – The quest for the elusive ‘Conservative Particle’ in the Coalition Collider

    Cranmer makes the mistake of attributing Thatcherism as a ‘Conservative Particle’ in the political spectrum Thatcherism is the corporatism of a political elitie built on a principle of socialism for the few and helotism for the many, much like Blair’s champagne socialism – ultraliberals all, they do not do Christianity.

  5. Richard Collins Says:

    Thanks Matey – hope that Caral and yourself are well.

  6. Sarah M Says:

    The Linen on the Hedgerow blogger, Richard Collins, offended me from the off by describing Barnsley as “a bastion of …bulky proles.”

    Having cheerfully displayed this snobbery, he proceeds to air another set of sneering stereotypes. The crux of his post is that Barnsley’s shops are being visited by mystery shoppers to make sure that they are “gay friendly” – if they are deemed to be so they receive a “rainbow tick”.

    The blogger speculates what the consequences might be for shops which fails to get a rainbow tick: “…a meringue chucked at their shop window maybe? Or, perhaps they get a trio of non heterosexuals stamping their feet outside their store?”

    Does this man have no self-awareness? He’s writing an overtly Christian blog, but his attitudes to his fellow man are most unchristian: snobbish and spiteful. First he calls the poor people of Barnsley “bulky proles”, then he caricatures gay activists as throwing meringues… We can only be grateful that there are no immigrants involved in this tale. I am reminded of the black cab driver stereotypes they used to run in Private Eye.

    The post concludes that “It can only be a question of time before anyone wishing to keep a Christian ambience about their premises will be thrown into jail.”

    My response to that is that, if holding Christian attitudes ever does become an offence, Richard Collins can be secure in the knowledge that – on the evidence displayed here – he won’t be found guilty.

  7. Richard Collins Says:

    Sarah M – does this mean that you will not be joining my list of Followers?

  8. webmaster Says:

    Hi Richard, Caral’s great, I’ve been up and down which is par for the course with me.

    Saw the email go out relating to the next guild meet, will you be in attendance?

  9. Sarah M Says:

    ‘Fraid not, Richard. I may not be a bulky prole, but I stand by those who are. I guess maybe you meant to be amusing, but it missed the mark with me.

  10. Richard Collins Says:

    Stuart – hope to be there complete with sense of humour, if a little frayed!
    God bless and I hope all is going according to plan regarding entry (!)

  11. Gillan Scott Says:

    Thanks for posting yet more excellent links. If only I had time to read them all! I wonder if you have time to sleep some days.

  12. Andrew B Says:

    As a Barnsley resident and as a member of the Barnsley LGBT Forum ( whom I must also add does not discriminate about heterosexual memebers as we have quite a few) The whole thing has been taken out of context. It is not just about mystery shopers but also about awarenes training about equality and what companies have in place. We wil not just be walking in shops and saying your deemed to be gay friendly have a tick….they have to provide evidence and apply to be part of the scheme. There is an increased number of hate crimes happening and for certain members of the community to feel left out because they feel unsafe is unfair…we just want to address the situation. As for the Linin on the Hedgerow’s comments….I just find them funny…..as do most of the people I show it too…..we dont get upset by stereotypes or judge people who make the comments……lifes to short to trade insults

  13. Richard Collins Says:

    Well said Andrew B.

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