Stacy – Accepting Abundance – Gets Cartoonized

Back in August there was literally a global response to Stacy’s post entitled: Can’t even go to the park, which I blogged about here. The post detailed an incident revolving around a gay couple engaged in a public display of affection.

Well, it transpires today, that as a result of that blog post the incident has been turned into a cartoon strip by one of her detractors. Imagine that, someone going to all the effort to turn you into a cartoon. I think that’s rather cool.

Anyway, it’s well worth hopping over for Stacy’s reaction to this.

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8 Responses to “Stacy – Accepting Abundance – Gets Cartoonized”

  1. Roger Pearse Says:

    Thanks — I didn’t realise the hate was still being directed her way.

    All cold, emotionless, intimidation, of course.

  2. Stacy Trasancos Says:

    Thank you Stuart and Roger! Roger, I think the artwork keeps bringing them back! ;-) Merry Christmas to you both!

  3. webmaster Says:

    Yay, saw my trackback Stacy – Welcome to the wonderful world of WordPress. Not long and you’ll wonder how you ever coped with Blogger.

  4. Stacy Trasancos Says:

    I know. I don’t think I could have figured out WP at first, but I have learned a TON about website construction in the last few weeks.

  5. Lisa Graas Says:

    I’m confused. I thought we were all supposed to be thanking the “gay rights” activists for promoting awareness about “homophobia”. Did I miss something?

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  7. Roger Pearse Says:

    Lisa, you’re right. Shame on me. I shall have to go off to a “diversity” training course to be taught straight thinking. (Isn’t it Orwellian how “diversity” is the term for conformity?)

    I wonder whether the Nazis expected the Jews to be grateful for being gassed?

    WordPress has many good features, but Blogger has its moments too!

  8. Lisa Graas Says:

    Perhaps an anti-psychotic medication would help.

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