A few good links

A few links I found interesting for one reason or another:

The Biblical World – The Theology of Snoopy

Elizaphanian – Of Strategy, Smallbone and the Spanish Train

Gordon’s Blog – Do evangelicals choose their religious faith based on their pre-existing extrinsic values?

Barna Group – Top trends 2011

The Vernacular Curate – Trolls and Blogging

The American Catholic – Vaclav Havel: Requiescat In Pace

Edward Feser – Greene on Nozick on nothing

(In the Feser article he mentions his book “The Last Superstition” which is on my Amazon wishlist. I mention this should anyone suddenly be overcome with a generous Christmassy desire to purchase me a book.

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One Response to “A few good links”

  1. marc Says:

    Wow! Where do you get the time to read all this?

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