Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, urges lapsed Catholics to leave the church.


The Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, has urged the country’s lapsed Catholics to have the maturity to leave the church.

Over the past two decades, rising numbers of ‘a la carte’ Catholics simply turn up at the altar for the sacraments like baptism, communion and marriage.

But in a new documentary on the future of the church, priests reveal they will expect a firmer commitment from their flock in the future. It shows how church pews swell to almost full capacity for celebratory sacraments, while Sunday services have dwindling numbers.

Archbishop Martin urged non-believers to walk away from the church.

He said: “It requires maturity on those people who want their children to become members of the church community and maturity on those people who say ‘I don’t believe in God and I really shouldn’t be hanging on to the vestiges of faith when I don’t really believe in it’.”


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  1. Thirsty Gargoyle:

    Interesting. I like Diarmuid Martin a lot, for what it’s worth.

  2. Thirsty Gargoyle:

    For what it’s worth, the show itself be available for watching here:

  3. Cathyby:

    I rather like Archbishop Martin too. Also think a bit of clarity is no bad thing.
    Re RTE player, is it available in the UK?

  4. Cathyby:

    Reading the comments – it’s a good point that AB Martin shouldn’t equate lapsed Catholic with non-believer in God (I am surprised he would – will be interested to see context)

  5. Thirsty Gargoyle:

    It is, yeah. RTE’s always been good that way; has enabled me to keep tabs on home from here. TV3′s useful too, at least for seeing whatever the fuss is about on Vincent Browne!

  6. Ronald Binge:

    So, seeing as
    1. I don’t agree with Humanae Vitae
    2. I believe that mandatory celibacy for priests and bishops is wrong
    3. Think that Rome and Constantinople should think again on the ordination of women
    then I should “do the right thing” and join the Church of Ireland?

  7. Thirsty Gargoyle:

    Without making out that they’re irrelevant, as they’re not, there’s a level at which those are branches rather than the tree; what do you believe and how do you practice?

    There are bigger questions. Do you believe that the Petrine See has been established as a universal and visible source and foundation of Christian unity? Do you believe that the Eucharist is the source and summit of Christian life? I tend to think it makes most sense to start with the big stuff, and what you matters most, and then think about other issues which are dependent on those.

    Anyway, still need to watch the show and see what ++Martin said, so shall reserve comment till I’ve seen it.