Kosovo: Muslims sue imam for hateful remarks about Mother Teresa

It’s always good to cite the positive where possible:

On July 21, the most respected Kosovo daily, Koha Ditore (Daily Times), reported that two lawyers, a writer, and an ordinary citizen of Pristina, capital of the territory, had commenced civil legal measures against Shefqet Krasniqi, imam of the city’s Grand Mosque, for his hateful remarks about Mother Teresa, made in a sermon two years ago. At that time, Krasniqi declared that the deceased founder of the Missionaries of Charity, considered the outstanding Albanian personality in recent history, was in “the middle of hell, deep,” because she was not Muslim. Krasniqi further alleged that notwithstanding her celibacy the Albanian nun “could have all the men she wanted,” among other insults.


The most interesting aspect of the controversy, however, was the identity of the four plaintiffs seeking legal redress against the Muslim cleric: the writer Qerim Ujkani, the lawyer Bajram Krasniqi (no relation to the imam—it’s a common family name in Kosovo), the private citizen Adem Nimani, and the lawyer Zef Prenaj. Judging by their given names, the first three are Muslims by origin and only the last is Catholic. Contrary to foreign expectations, Kosovar Muslims stood up for the sensibilities of their Catholic neighbors.


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