Christian April Fools bloggers exposed for the sake of the gullible – like me!

OK, I confess, I don’t much like April Fools Day. It isn’t because I have some theological gripe, or because I’m just a miserable so and so, it’s because I’m so bloomin’ prone to gullibility.

Well, this year, I’m taking a stand for all of those gullible folk like myself, and am going to cite all of those blog posts from the Christian Interweb, that I suspect are April Fools.

Let me know if I’ve mistakenly cited your post as a prank. Feel free to let me know of others you’ve spotted.

To everyone on this list, consider yourself well and truly busted! Us gullibles are fighting back. This will not be our annual day of shame….

Clayboy – Christian persecution and the great atheist conspiracy

Cranmer – Cranmer crosses the Tiber to join the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham

Zwinglius Redivivus – Breaking News: I’m Moving to ‘Near Emmaus’

Richard Littledale – Belt tightening hits the pulpit

Crimperman – Is Jeremy Clarkson retiring and the end of Top Gear a good thing?

The Church Mouse – “Modernisation fund” to eliminate use of overhead projectors in church

Phil’s Treehouse – Beer glass Jesus

Ekklesia – Common church youth activities decried as ‘too gay’

Maggi Dawn – Would you pay £15 to go to church?

TheGoodBook – Pre-thumbed Bible

International Christian College Glasgow – The Heresy App

Always Hope – Truro Cathedral to be sold

Theo Socmed’s Musings – A new Cathedral for Leeds?

Unsettled Christianity – Jim West Arrested in BiblioBlog Rankings Scandal

Exploring our Matrix – Lead Tablets Deciphered!

Standing on my Head – Breaking News

Hacking Christianity – Zyngla and the Episcopal Church today announced the launch of Churchyville

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9 Responses to “Christian April Fools bloggers exposed for the sake of the gullible – like me!”

  1. drbexl Says: :-)

  2. Mark Meynell Says:

    check out Maggi Dawn’s:

  3. Mark Meynell Says:

    Also: the pre-thumbed bible

  4. drbexl Says:

    Hmm, where did my comment about the pre-thumbed Bible go?!

  5. webmaster Says:

    @drbexl – I’m sorry it got spammed for some reason, and yet your second comment was fine. The fickle nature of technology eh.

  6. drbexl Says:

    We love tech, eh… But here’s another:

  7. The Vicar's Wife Says:

    International Christian College in Glasgow have launched a heresy app for phones

  8. Charlie Says:

    I’m glad you recognised that my post is not an April fool at all:

  9. Jill Says:

    I’m with you on this, webmaster. In spite of warning myself when I woke up that it was April 1st, I nearly fell off my chair when I read Cranny’s post. Church Mouse’s I thought was pretty obvious. (They are the only two of the above list that I read – apart from Ekklesia, which I glance through just to marvel at the stupidity of it.)

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