One snowflake handcrafted by God

Yep, this is an actual photo of a snowflake:

Isn’t this just remarkable and beautiful?

This to me really does reflect the breathtaking marvel of our God.

You can find further images here, and some lovely Christian reflection on this here.

Hat-tip: The Anchoress – First Things


7 Responses to “One snowflake handcrafted by God”

  1. Sophie Says:

    Here’s a lovely Christmassy link sent to me by my dear Papa.

  2. Simian Says:

    That is SO great Sophie. Thank you! Makes me wish I could still sing… Remnds me that when I was a school I sang in Brahms German Requiem, and it was so incredibly life affirming – Spine tingling. I may not be religious, but I am so thankful for the music written in its service.

  3. Goy Says:

    Way superior to islams and the ultraliberals dissociation of the words christmas flash mob. :)

  4. Jill Says:

    Brahms Requiem is quite challenging for schoolchildren, I would have thought, Simian, but wonderful nevertheless. Here is a little clip of Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen, or How lovely are they dwellings fair, just to remind you. Did you sing it in German?

    Just another reminder of the wonderful works of the Lord – the wealth of beautiful music and art inspired by faith.

    I look at pictures like that snowflake, and am amazed that so many people don’t believe in God. How can they not?

  5. Simian Says:

    Well we were aged between 13 and 18 and we had professionals singing the solo parts. The orchestra was a mix of the most talented pupils and professional musicians. And yes it was in German, as originally intended, and it was very challenging. We spent a whole term rehearsing.

    Strange though it may seem, I was thinking of making the Church my life at that stage, and I did find this incredibly uplifting and encouraging. I still find it staggeringly beautiful and life affirming, but as a reminder of just how amazing we are, rather than as a proof of the existence of God.

    Jill. Perhaps I’m having a bah-humbug moment, but I’m not sure how something occuring in nature which is the way it is simply because of physics, and which we find beautiful because of our evolutionary desire for symmetry could be taken to be proof of God.
    Some music, on the other hand, is less easy to dismiss…

  6. Phoebs Says:

    Some music, on the other hand, is less easy to dismiss…

    Simian, you know in your heart of hearts – the compositions of J.S. Bach are the proof. :D

  7. Simian Says:

    :-) J.S.Bach – well there’s genius, but… Not proof.

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