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La Verriere, France: 11 hurt fleeing the Devil

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

I’m putting this on simply for the freakishly disturbing value.

Hat-Tip ACIDRI’s Blog:


Police are investigating the incident which took place in the early hours in the small town of La Verriere, west of Paris.

Officers said some of the injured were children including a four-month-old baby, who is in a serious condition in a children’s hospital in the French capital.

“Thirteen people were in an apartment on the second floor when, at around 3am, one of the occupants heard his child crying,” said Odile Faivre, the deputy prosecutor in Versailles.

“The man in question, of African origin, who was completely naked, got up to feed his child, at which point the other occupants took him for the devil.

“He was seriously wounded in the hand after being stabbed with a knife before he was thrown out of the apartment, via the door.”

The 30-year-old man then tried to force his way back into the room.

“That’s when the other occupants tried to escape by jumping out of the window, panicked by a fear of the devil,” said Ms Faivre.

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Christianity’s increasing identification with conservative politics is a turnoff to young adults

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Joel of Unsettled Christianity alerts us to an interesting piece in the LA Times which charts rapidly increasing numbers of young people rejecting organised religion and cites the reason for this:

So, why this sudden jump in youthful disaffection from organized religion? The surprising answer, according to a mounting body of evidence, is politics. Very few of these new “nones” actually call themselves atheists, and many have rather conventional beliefs about God and theology. But they have been alienated from organized religion by its increasingly conservative politics.

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This is potentially significant for us here in the UK as I believe we are witnessing a rise in US style Christian politicking in some quarters of the conservative Christian wing. I’ll name no names but you know who they are.

Interestingly, Dr Jim West repudiates this theory and – in his typically forthright style – lays the blame elsewhere.

What Would Jesus Steal?

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Ben Myers of the Faith and Theology Blog brings us this information:

A reliable source informs me that one of Australia’s big Christian bookstore chains has serious problems with shoplifting. Can you guess what their most-stolen item is?

The WWJD bracelets.

The irony is palpable!

I’m So Sorry I forgot Creation Day Yesterday

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Yesterday the world was 6013 years old according to the calculations of James Ussher, and I totally forgot.

I know this was terribly remiss of me and so by way of belated celebration I share this with you:

Statisticians have predicted that there will be more Muslims in Britain’s mosques on Fridays than Anglicans in church on Sundays within a decade

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

The MailOnline has an article about the Dioceses Commission drawing up proposals to axe the cash-strapped Diocese of Bradford in Yorkshire and merge it with neighbouring Ripon and Leeds.

However, it’s the facts in the article which I found shocking:

….[Bradford] Muslim worshippers outnumber Anglican churchgoers by two to one…


Statisticians have predicted that there will be more Muslims in Britain’s mosques on Fridays than Anglicans in church on Sundays within a decade…


Religious statistician Peter ­Brierley said that as the Muslim population in Bradford was about 80,000, on a conservative estimate 20,000 are regular worshippers, more than double the number of their Anglican counterparts.

You can read the entire depressing article here.

Synod of Bishops for the Middle East addressed by two Muslim Scholars

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

The historical Synod of Bishops for the Middle East – previous post here – has been addressed by two Muslim scholars and frankly they are both guilty of spinning an unrealistically harmonious picture of Muslim – Christian relations in the Middle East.

First up was Muhammad al-Sammak, Sunni adviser to the chief mufti of Lebanon, whom is quoted as saying: (Taken from Catholic Herald)

Islam promotes respect for Christians and Jews and the whole region will suffer if they depart.


…..“new and accidental phenomenon” of Christians being targeted because of their faith is dangerous, and not just for Christians.

Next up Iranian Ayatollah Ayatollah Seyed Mostafa Mohaghegh Ahmadabadi:

…the Koran’s view of Christian-Muslim relations is one of “friendship, respect and mutual understanding,”


In Iran and most other Muslim countries, he said, “Christians live side by side and in peace with their Muslim brothers. They enjoy all the legal rights like other citizens and perform their religious practices freely.”


While some still think converts should be punished, he said the “golden rule” of Islam is that “there is no compulsion in religion, that’s what the Koran says”.

I’m sorry to be so cynical but this is subterfuge.

The National Catholic Register held an interview with Ayatollah Mohaghegh which you can read here.

Jihad Watch have also picked up on this and have a scathing post which is worth a read.

By way of contrast and a little more authenticity, Clerical Whispers notes the following comments from an address made to the Synod by two Syrian Bishops:

….the blossoming number of Catholic-Muslim dialogue projects has not and may never lead to real understanding.


……formal Catholic-Muslim dialogues are “difficult and often ineffective,” partially because the Quran tells Muslims they belong to “the only true and complete religion.”

Muslims, he said, come “to dialogue with a sense of superiority and with the certitude of being victorious.”

In addition, the archbishop said, “The Quran allows the Muslim to hide the truth from the Christian and to speak and act contrary to how he thinks and believes.”

Islam does not recognize the equality of men and women and does not recognize the right of religious freedom.


Bishop Flavien Melki, also a member of the Syrian curia in Lebanon, said that at a time when “fundamentalism is becoming more entrenched in the region,” the idea that dialogue could lead to Muslims accepting secular democracy “seems to be in the domain of utopia.”

“Must we wait for the disappearance of Christians in the Middle East to raise our voices and speak up with force” to call for “liberty, equality and justice for these religious minorities?” Bishop Melki asked.

The bishop said Middle East Christians need the support of the international community to press for the reform of Islamic regimes in the region.

That’s a bit nearer the mark.

Steelroots a small UK Christian youth ministry has been threatened with legal action by a large US Christian media company – ‘The Inspiration Network Inc’

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

This is truly disgraceful.

David Walker of the Cartoon Church Blog alerted us on Twitter last night of the extraordinary case of a huge US Christian media company – The Inspiration Network Inc – issuing a heavy handed legal demand against a small Sheffield church youth group.

Their crime was to have the same name.

The Inspiration Network registered ‘Steelroots’ (a for-profit division)  as a service mark in the US and Europe and own and control the domain.

The small Sheffield based youth group own and operate the domain.

David has written on this case here.

This has also now been picked up by Canadian blogger – BeneD – and I urge you to hop over and have a read as there is some really good background info such as:

The Inspiration Network was bought by Morris Cerullo in the 1980′s from Jim Bakker for 7 million and was the former PTL Satellite network. The network headquarters in South Carolina is called The City of Light (really!). The City of Light (93 acres of promises from the prosperity gospel peddling organization) just isn’t coming together as promised.

Morris Cerullo’s son David Cerullo, who runs INSP, rakes in big bucks.  The Steelroots division is run by David’s son Ben. According to Guidestar, Cerullo makes more than any other religious broadcaster in the US.

Bene D goes on to say:

The Cerullo’s network people could have written Sheffield without legal heavy-handedness, offered to help with transition costs, re-launch etc. But they didn’t.

An 80 million dollar a year network and music videos, versus a couple of church trusts. Kids sponsoring other kids in Tanzania, versus boy bands. We can’t be trusted to tell the difference between .com and .org., a website and a television network. Entertainment versus service. Too tough for me. It’s about the bottom line, can’t have a donation going to the wrong place now can we? There is a City of Light to build and a world-wide media dream to pursue.

Anyway read it all for yourself, it’s a good piece.

The website now has this disclaimer:

The ministry formally known as Steelroots Youth Community.

If you are looking for the US TV Channel ‘steelroots’ a subsidary of INSP this is not it! It can be found at….

And on Twitter:

Right guys and girls. We have to change our name. Pronto. What shall we call ourselves??

Bless them!

This is a disgraceful case of unChristian bullying and is all about the cash and nothing else.

Shame on them!

Are You Prepared For Blogging’s Dark Side?

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Superb article which every [aspiring] blogger should read:

OutSpoken Media – Are You Prepared For Blogging’s Dark Side?

Facebook and NetworkedBlogs

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

OK, I’m experimenting with a few things.

I’ve popped a link on the left for my Facebook account. I don’t entirely know what I’m doing with Facebook but am starting to get the gist.

As part of this I’ve added a widget for NetworkedBlogs on the bottom left and could do with a few more followers if you use this facility. I’ve got four following, one of which is me, and we look a little lonely in that big box.

I’ll see how it all pans out and hopefully Facebook is not as addictive as Twitter, as I’m completely hooked on Twitter and don’t think I could spare the time frankly. domain name potentially worth more than $100 million

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Jim West brings us the story of Inc being sued by a major shareholder…..

……accusing the ordained ministers of failing to profit from the “goldmine” potential of the namesake Internet property, according to a lawsuit. James Solakian filed the lawsuit in Delaware’s Chancery Court against the board of for breaching their duty by refusing to sell the site or run the company in a profitable way. The lawsuit cites a valuation done by a potential purchaser that estimated could be worth more than, which recently sold for more than $100 million.

Potentially over one hundred million dollars for the domain name!

The domain name was registered by Roy Spencer “Bud” Miller, an Arizona minister who secured it in 1996 for $50. Soon after, he was offered $100,000 for the location.

Miller refused, stating he was entrusted to run the site for a sacred purpose, according to court documents.

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