Orthodox and Catholic Embrace May the Two Become One

In my ‘umble opinion this is only a matter of time as both the Catholic Church and Orthodox Church perceive the challenges facing them in this day and age and look increasingly towards one another for strength in union and power in numbers.

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Full communion between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches is being prompted by the Holy Spirit. It is the most important development of the Third Christian Millennium and has implications for the whole world at this critical time in history. This coming communion between the Orthodox and Catholic Church will mark the beginning of the re- Christianizing of the West and a new missionary age.



High-ranking representatives of the Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches embraced on Monday in a moment reflecting a will for unity between the two Churches.

A photo of the embrace between Cardinal Peter Erdo and Metropolitan Filaret was printed with the title “Europe’s Brothers.”

The embrace between the two high-level representatives was a highlight of the 31st Meeting for Friendship Among Peoples, an annual event sponsored by the Catholic Communion and Liberation Movement in Rimini, Italy.


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2 Responses to “Orthodox and Catholic Embrace May the Two Become One”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Yes, ‘that we may be one’…

  2. Joseph Hostetler Says:

    If unity is not founded on and in Truth, then it will not be the beginning of a new evangelism but the advent of the Antichirst. Roman Catholicism is mired in secularism as never before and it looks toward Orthodoxy for a shot of spiritual life. It longs after Her gifts and holiness. But, without repentance there can be no heavenly visitation, no re-evangelism of the West.

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