Catholics with Attitude has been in talks with police after receiving anti-Catholic abuse online

Seriously what is going on in this country at the moment? it’s a frenzy of hatred emanating from some.

Clerical Whispers:

A company selling papal visit T-shirts and hoodies has been in talks with police after receiving anti-Catholic abuse online.

Staff at Catholics with Attitude, which makes hooded tops with slogans such as “Team Benedict”, “Vatican All Stars”, and “I Love Papa Benny”, said they were “stunned” by the messages.

They said they were particularly worried because one message referred to a specific member of staff by name.


“It was distressing because we did not know who this person was or what they would be capable of. What would make someone want to do this?”

He said after talking about it they decided “it wasn’t us who should be going away and hiding just because we are living a Christian lifestyle”.

The Telegraph has a piece today warning of a potential attempt to physically block the route of the Pope:

At the first public meeting of the Protest the Pope group, there was support for an attempt to stop Benedict XVI reaching an event in London next month.

A man calling himself Ray was applauded when he said: “Waldegrave Road is a narrow street. I don’t actually know how they intend getting the Pope in. Is he going to be helicoptered in or not? If he’s coming in by road, there’s a really good chance of blocking that road off. Let’s go for it.”

The audience was told that the pontiff must travel down a narrow suburban road to reach the campus of St Mary’s University College in Twickenham, where he is due to address 3,500 school children and students “in celebration of Catholic education”.

Within this same article are the usual comments relating to the burgeoning security costs and I can’t help but notice the irony that those most vocal and condemnatory about these costs are the same folk who are planning to disrupt, intimidate and generally pose a potential security risk.

On the subject of the first public meeting of the Protest the Pope group, the website Protect the Pope puts it all back in perspective and informs us of the dismal turnout:

Despite wide coverage on secular, socialist and gay websites, including twitter, there was a low turn out at Protest the Pope’s first major public meeting. Not even reaching triple figures, only 70 people turned up at the Old Library meeting room, even though it was conveniently located next to a London tube station.

However, the usual spin detached from reality has been put on the event, with it being hailed a ‘great success’.

The Church Mouse was not impressed that the Borough of Richmond had even allowed a Council building to host this anti-Pope protest meeting.

Although it may feel as if  everybody is jumping on “anti-Pope / Catholic” bandwagon, there are at least some signs of sanity out there.

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18 Responses to “Catholics with Attitude has been in talks with police after receiving anti-Catholic abuse online”

  1. Gordon Says:

    Two days ago some kids in Edinburgh grabbed a man in a wheelchair and pushed him in front of a bus. He was only saved by his rain cover getting caught in his wheels. Its not often I am speechless, but when I read that I couldn’t really comprehend it. Same with any sort of online hate. Why bother? It uses less energy to be nice and I am born lazy.

  2. webmaster Says:

    Yep, hatred really takes a lot of effort and I’m also far too lazy and this includes holding a grudge, which is only for the most consitently energetic of folk…

  3. Jim Says:

    Thanks for the “some signs of sanity” link webmaster, which made some good points. I thought the comments to the piece were also enlightening. For example:
    I think you are very confused, Andy.

    Liberalism does not require that you “respect” beliefs you consider to be false. Only that you tolerate them.

    Also, I know that free speech is not something you value very highly (given what you write about Cuba, China and Iran) but it is an essential part of our political tradition. For a figure as divisive and controversial as the pope to arrive without vocal opposition would reflect poorly on us as a liberal society.

    Anyway…you might just have convinced me to turn up at one of the anti-pope demos, so well done!

    Thank goodness for protest. It’s what it means to live in a liberal democracy. The problem is when some hotheads decide to break the law – and if that does happen then they will be dealt with by the law.

  4. Goy Says:


    “The raven chides blackness.”

  5. Jim Says:

    @ Goy
    “The pot calls the kettle black”
    So what?

  6. Gordon Says:

    I thought it was a secret agent password.

    “In Moscow the snow is white.”

  7. Goy Says:


    Hypocrisy and self-righteousness Sophie’s advocation of enforced multiculturalism is on the qualification that the debasement of European civilization is the multiculturalism of Sophie’s own image.

  8. Goy Says:


    “In Scotland the snow is Buckfast yellow”

  9. Jim Says:

    I understand the hypocrisy and self-righteous reference to the “Raven Chides Blackness” quote – hence my initial reply – but can you express more clearly exactly what you mean by the rest of your post?

  10. Sophie Says:

    @ Jim: I wouldn’t trouble yourself. I seldom bother acknowledging Goy’s nasty cryptic posts any more. I used to try but he doesn’t make much sense and when he does it’s usually racist muck.

  11. Goy Says:


    Not a racist only viewing the unforeseen dangers of enforced mass multiculturalism under the relative post WW2 prosperity in the UK and Continental Europe, when the economics of prosperity turns to the economics of predation then we will witness the delusion that is multiculturalism.

  12. Jim Says:

    Sophie. Fair point, but I believe there is much good in all of us, and Goy writes from conscience, whether or not misguided. Perhaps I am trying to find the real Goy behind the fear and loathing.

    Goy, you do yourself no favours by writing cryptic nonsense. Perhaps it might impress those who do not understand the words or expressions you frequently abuse or misuse, but to those of us who do, it just looks ridiculous. Please just say what you think in a simple straightforward way like the rest of us!…

    Perhaps Sophie has less patience than I, but what she says always makes sense, and is based on sound evidence, whether or not you agree with it. Isn’t it better to engage her in meaningful dialogue rather than snipe ineffectively from the sidelines?

    If you want anyone to sympathise with your viewpoint you have to explain why. Liberal use of the word “multiculturalism” in almost every thread does not get you anywhere, or earn you respect.

  13. Gordon Says:

    “It may be the cock that crows, but it is the hen that lays the eggs.”

  14. Sophie Says:

    @ Jim: You’re much more patient than I, which is one of the reasons I’ve got so much time for you. But I’ve been reading Goy’s posts for as many months as I’ve been reading yours and, apart from a sincere concern for his mental health (which I’ve expressed before), I’ve reached a point where I place no value whatsoever on Goy’s opinion.

    Does Goy write from conscience? I see no evidence of this. Browse any BNP/racist site to read similar fear- and hate-filled rants from a hundred more like him. There’s not a lot of deep thought going on with Goy. Reminds me of those street drunks who shout and wave their arms, incoherently battling an invisible enemy.

    Maybe I’m too harsh. You’re a nobler soul than I am, certainly a better Christian… Good going for a Humanist. :-D I just haven’t the patience to waste my time on the Goys of this world. There are so many people out there with so much more interesting (not to mention lucid) things to say.

  15. Caral Says:

    @Sophie and Jim

    Has this turned into a bash Goy thread?

    Come on guys, you both are sounding like fundies, it we don’t agree with someone we attack their argument, not resort to ad hom.

  16. Sophie Says:

    @ Caral: Have a look at what Goy said to me. My post says nothing about multiculturalism – quite the opposite. But Goy always knows what people mean – he doesn’t need to read what they’ve said. Perhaps you’ve not noticed his unrelenting hostility?

    My attitude to Goy stems entirely from his posts. Where else? I don’t know him in RL – his online persona may be a group of drunken students for all I know. But his constant attacks and his dreary racism are such a hassle it’s often made me wonder whether the good stuff on this site is worth it.

  17. Jim Says:

    I take your point Caral but if this came across as ad hom then it was not intentional. I’ve tried subtle hints; I’ve tried logical argument; I’ve tried to find common ground; I’ve asked for the use of more straightforward English; but we just don’t seem to get anywhere. My only other recourse is to ignore someone’s comments completely.
    Were my comments really ad hom? I apologise to all if so. I must be more careful.

  18. Goy Says:

    All’s fair in love and war.

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