The British National Party (BNP) candidate styles himself as Rev.

Leaders of the main churches in Norwich have urged voters not to be misled by the BNP candidate standing in the Norwich by-election.

Robert West, who appears to have given himself the title ‘Rev’, is standing for the racist party but is not known to belong to any church.

In a statement church leaders in Norwich, including the Bishop of Norwich Graham James, urged voters not to be taken in.

“The British National Party candidate styles himself as ‘Rev’ and is often to be seen dressed as a clergyman” they said.

“He belongs to no known denomination and voters should not be misled by his adoption of clerical dress.

“The policies he promotes are not shared by any of the Churches we serve and are contrary to the teaching of the New Testament. There we read that in Christ ‘there is neither Jew nor Greek, neither slave nor free, neither male nor female’”.

The statement comes after Ekklesia’s co-director Jonathan Bartley, confronted the BNP representative on BBC1’s The Big Questions last month.

Since 2005 Ekklesia has highlighted how the BNP has been attempting to portray itself as a ‘Christian’ party, but also how some church leaders have been playing into the BNP’s hands by using the rhetoric of ‘Christian Britain’.

Robert West first came to Ekklesia’s attention when he set up the BNP front organisation ‘The Christian Council of Britain’ in 2006, believed to have a membership of one.

Despite unified condemnation of the BNP’s racism by the major denominations in the UK Ekklesia’s analysis of the BNP membership list revealed that a number of self-identified Christians were members of the party.

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19 Responses to “The British National Party (BNP) candidate styles himself as Rev.”

  1. bobbly Says:

    At least the BNP stand up against the Islamification of our beloved country, unlike the ‘scared and naive’ Christians and especially the limp wristed ‘Ekklesia’ group!

  2. RevdRMBWest Says:

    I think that some of the ‘mainline’ Church leaders do, at times, have a bit of a problem with the truth, as it is taught in the Jewish/Christian Scriptures. Some of them do not even believe what is written in the Holy Book; and, indeed, have a fetish for denying it (Bishop Jenkins of Durham denied the bodily resurrection). Archbishop Rowan Williams is a heathen Druid; he is sitting on the fence with regard to practising sodomite/homosexual ‘ministers’; and he even accepts women as being rightfully ordained, when the New Testament forbids this. He is also paving the way for the frightful Islamic sharia which will, ultimately, apply to everyone in the United Kingdom! How ghastly, debased, and abominable this is with its “honour killings” and its female mutilations. How evil for the Church leaders to be silent, when they should speak out. Nevertheless, I am taking a service, shortly, at the British National Party summer camp and would cordially invite any doubting clerics, or laypersons, to come along and taste and see, and hear, God’s Word being faithfully proclaimed. The test is in the tasting. Let us put our prejudices aside (for once) and come and hear the glorious Word of God (the Holy Bible); and let us put aside our prejudices, also, against certain political groups who intend us no ill and do us no wrong.

  3. Rev Shane Says:

    Rev Robert West, if you revist this blog would you be so kind as to let us know the time, date and venue of the event you have so kindly invited us to.


    Rev Shane

  4. Anonymous Church of England Says:

    The irony of course if that if the BNP were about:-

    Combating the Islamification

    Combating gayification

    freedom of speech

    Undoing the surveillance state

    Undoing the ‘nanny state’

    Promotion of our Christian heritage and morals and values above all other religions and ‘minorities’

    Separating us from the influence and domination of other countries

    Then I would be happy to support the BNP as a Christian. But. We can’t condone ‘hatred’ based on race.

    I wish the BNP were religionist rather than racist and this is the issue for so many Christians in secret. Races that come to the UK should ‘do in Rome as the Romans do’ and not bring with them their religions and and then have our own so called government elevate these religions above our own national religion!!!

    I think that is enough from me for the moment, I feel quite strongly on all of this. We are even witnessing a ‘schism’ train crash in slow motion, within the global Anglican communion and the lines are drawn along Christian fundamentalism and Liberalism. If the BNP ever gets a real handle on what is going on within the church at large, then maybe they will be able to start accommodating for us silent Christians to be able to come out of the closet!

    Sorry for that rant and I don’t blame the blog owner if you decide against publishing this.

  5. RevdRMBWest Says:

    Dear Revd Shane,

    The morning service at the British National Party’s 2009 “Red, White, and Blue” summer camp will be, God willing, on the Lord’s Day morning of 16th August at Denby, Derbyshire. As you know the Lord’s day is a Sunday, the first day of the week, when our Lord and Saviour rose from the dead in that same body that had hung lifeless upon the cross. We have had a Sunday service for the last three years and the previous two ones have been video-recorded and will shortly be made available, God willing, either on DVD or on the internet. The press are likely to be present, as they were last year; and a collection is usually taken. About 200 will be in attendance (if the previous years are anything to go by) including members of the Christian Council of Britain and Christians from various local churches, near and far. It will be a pleasure to have Mr and Mrs Nick Griffin once again, with us, as they are likely to be in the congregation. I look forward to meeting you.

    Dear “Anonymous Church of England”,

    I am very happy, as a fully ordained Minister of the Gospel, to tell you that the British National Party is not based on hate of any nation; Mr Nick Griffin being the kind of man who is neither hard right nor soft and soppy left. If there was anything of that nature, in him, I would not be in the British National Party at all; certainly not as a man of the cloth. Please be assurred that the misrepresentations made about him are, in my view, wholly without any foundation: he is a decent man and a good citizen. And that needs to be said and shouted from the rooftops. Slander is a dreadful sin in the eyes of God. To ruin a man’s reputation, unjustly, is more evil that to steal his estate. The real issue is that he has seen the truth, and tells it. And we need more of that. Every other party is supporting extreme secularism and Islam. Let us do the decent thing and support the very decent and honest-to-God British National Party. If you doubt what I say, then come and meet the real BNP: details above. But please also pray, for us, that the will of the Lord be done. Let us show hatred the back door, and the BNP the front door.

  6. Canon Canon Peter Says:

    Dear Revd Robert West, please forgive the intrusive nature of this question, however, we have in the main, only a tainted and biasssed media (including Christian I might add) through which to become ‘informed’.

    There has been some suggestion that you are not a ‘real’ man of the cloth. Would it be possible for you to disclose to the many readers of this blog, if you are associated with any particular Christian denomination or movement, or of course, if you pastor an independent church etc?

    Kindest regards and thank you for your kind attention in advance.

    Canon Canon Peter

  7. Concerned Christian Says:

    Hi, if this is the real BNP Rev West, then I’m glad that you have taken the step to post on this Christian Blog.

    I feel the same as some above about Islam. They are the worst persecutors of our Christian borthers and sisters in the world today and what does our silly UK government do, they welcome them in with open arms as the ‘religion of peace’ and even listen to their views more and divert funds away from Christian organisations to support them. Even the BBC has become an Islamic turncoat.

    Yes I wish that the BNP were more about rasing the alarm about Islam (the enemy within) than about racism. I don’t mind immigrants if they become British (Language, culture etc) and add something to this country. But not come here to the UK and then fight against us!

    It’s not as if Islamic governments pander to Christians in their kingdoms or give them all of this freedom that the western ‘Christian’ nations give Islam!!!!

  8. RevdRMBWest Says:

    Dear Canon Peter,

    There has been some wrong-slanting on this issue and possibly some confusion as to precisely what ordination is – both as to the ceremony, and, as to the theology behind the concept.

    I can confirm that I was ordained by the Vice President of the Apostolic Church denomination (Rev Williams) as an elder (presbyter) in November 1979 in the presence of the Supervisory Minister (Rev Jack Harris) and in the face of my congregation; the ceremony being held in my first chapel. I subsequently served there as the pastor, having attended the Apostolic Church’s Bible College in Penygroes, where they now have a BNP Councillor. At Penygroes I did the two year course which was crashed into one year. During that pastorate my theology changed to that of Calvinism and I have since then done a lot of ministry amongst the fragmented free churches, where there is little formal hierarchy. These have included the Baptist Union, the Grace Baptists, the Methodist Church, the Church of England, and one Rural Ministries Church, as well as, my own Grace Covenant Fellowship which, until recently, held regular services. I have preached not infrequently to black churches in London and to Chinese fellowships in Oxford. There is nothing inconsistent about preaching the gospel to all nations and being in the British National Party to preserve your own. I have recently become the moderator of the Christian Council of Britain which involves a lot of speaking, and preaching, to the nationalist community who are learning to appreciate the gospel, and its message, for them; and for this I thank God. It has also enabled me to interact with the media and politicos as to just what the gospel is. It is surprising just how many are so very confused about it in the Church hierarchy and in the political and media set-up. I will shortly be taking a service at the BNP summer camp, together with a wedding ceremony and a child dedication, and I have just been booked for a Church of Scotland christening. Other ministers are joining the Christian Council of Britain (one other, so far) and we can be contacted at:

    PO Box 41, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 2AH.

  9. webmaster Says:

    For information this is the link to the:-

    Christian Council of Britain

  10. RevdRMBWest Says:

    Dear Concerned Christian,

    Yes, this is the real BNP Rev Robert West and I appreciate your positive comments. Islam tends to be ‘internationalist’ (anti-nationalist?), in theory, at any rate; although, in practise, it does not tend to work out like that. Re-call the bitter and long war between Iran and Iraq. The British National Party are the only political party warning about the real nature of Islam. However, race and nation are also important aspects of the way God sees fit to govern the world. From a Christian viewpoint a sinful view of unity must always be challenged by God’s will to separate us into our nations. If the anti-nationists think that nations are racist, whatever will they make of the concept of the chosen nation. The next wave of anti-Semitism is already being unleashed by the Muslims and the ‘internationalist’ (anti-nationalist?) Left. Christians must continue to pray for all nations (Greek: ethnos): that they may turn to Christ in their nations; and not abandon God’s will for us to live in our nations, or His concern that we should gain eternal life by faith in the eternal Son of God made man, Jesus; who died for us and rose again!

  11. Seismic Says:

    Whilst Robert West will speak to you in terms of Protestant, evangelical or Calvinist theology, he only has kind words to say about the British National Party.

    Earlier this year, leading BNP members attended a conference in Italy alongside Forza Nuova, the Italian neo-fascist party responsible for intimidating Waldensians in Rome, who are an Italian Protestant sect dating back to the 13th century.

    So whilst the BNP claim to protect Protestants in the UK, its members happily shake hands and pose for photos with people who beat up Protestants in Italy:

    Please also take a look at this article, which takes a look at the idea that the BNP is a Christian party:

  12. RevdRMBWest Says:

    Dear Seismic,

    It is important to get our facts right. The Waldensians do not go back to Peter Waldo of the 13th Century. According to the historian E.H Broadbent (1861-1945) in his book, The Pilgrim Church, 1931, p. 113 of the edition published in 1999 by Gospel Folio Press: ‘the brethren in the valleys never lost the knowledge of and consciousness of their origin and unbroken history there… …even from the time of the apostles.” As to your concerns about Italy, the greatest persecutor of the protestants has been… …can you tell me?

    When I go to BNP meetings, as a protestant minister, I have never been threatened or beaten up; I have always been shown the greatest respect and looked after very well. And yet, according to you, I, as a protestant, am liable to be persecuted by the BNP. It is no good citing biased web sites to back-up a fiction with more fiction. I am speaking from direct experience, as an ordained minister of the gospel, about a party that you seem to be maligning simply because it is telling the truth, as they see it. The Bible says that we must not bear false witness: may I ask us all to consider our own sins and stop maligning decent people on rather shallow pretexts.

    Jesus said that we are to be kind to even our enemies. I have got friends in UKIP, the Conservatives, and even the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party. It is their policies that I may disagree with; I do not descend to attacking their persons. Can we have the same approach to the decent people of the BNP, even if you do not agree with all that they say, or do. If they are wrong, how else are we going to win them over to what is right. It is only the devil who seeks to demonise. We have got to be better than that; we have a purer example to follow.

  13. Seismic Says:

    Dear Rev West,

    Many thanks for responding here to my question. Your argument is that Britain is a Protestant nation, therefore other peoples should be excluded. Yet Forza Nuova claim that Italy is a Catholic nation, threfore Protestants should be excluded.

    Here is the Waldensian account of persecution at the hands of Forza Nuova activists:

    Here is a photo of BNP posing for photos with Forza Nuova politicians:

    In that photo you can see Roberto Fiore, Forza Nuova politician and suspected terrorist who brought together neo-fascism and Christianity in the UK:

    Do you not find this information distressing?

  14. RevdRMBWest Says:

    Dear Seismic,

    No: my arguements are not as you have portrayed them.

    If you have been so kind as to take the time to read the Constitution of the Christian Council of Britain, you will see that we accept the idea of toleration (between faiths and views); which must include the right to free debate, and inquiry, and peaceful protest. That does not mean that we agree, or approve, of what people say; only that they have the right to say it, short of incitement to violence and the defamation of individuals. I know that toleration is difficult but that is the demand of a liberal society. I do not agree with abortion, for example, but I am not going to try to outlaw the Waldensian advocacy of it; that would be illiberal. The same applies to the anti-abortionists. Both sides have the right to have a peaceful demonstration, hopefully, with some rational debate between them – and may the better arguements win.

    If you are distressed with any political party in Britain (or Italy) then I think that you must engage with them in free and open debate, giving them the opportunity to speak in their own defence. You must also avoid the position of being both prosecutor and judge. This is known as a fair trial of the issues by evidence. And this is precisely what Jesus did not get at His trial.

    The trouble with the anti-BNP crowd is that their unwillingness to follow this procedure, combined with their tendency to violence and intimidation (claw-hammer attacks, egg-throwing at Nick Griffin), undermines their credibility. Jack Straw’s campaigns of “No Platform for an Accussed to Speak in his own defence” is an attack on everybody’s freedom to have a view and to speak their mind. Fascism? Most certainly.

    My advise, is that, if you are distressed by injustice, as I am, then bring your case to a fair public debate and allow the BNP to speak in its own defence. Until you are prepared to do that, you are self-condemned as the real enemy of democracy and natural justice; and that was a mark of the real Nazis. Jesus said that, by their fruits (their behaviour) ye shall know them. We have all of us been wrong, at times, in our attitudes, our views, and our behaviour; the only liberal and Christian way to deal with this is by an open debate where we can graciously expose someone’s faults, considering ourselves, lest we also be tempted.

    If you really want to expose evil then you are going to have to go into a fair contest with those that you accuse. You need to contact Simon Darby, or Nick Griffin, and put your points to them; and then give them the right to answer your accusations. You will also have to unveil your anonymity so that they know who they are up against. They may have something against you.

    May I wish you well in your endeavour and may each side be improved by it.

  15. Pew Sitter Says:

    Here here Rev West! Well said!

  16. Seismic Says:

    Dear Rev West,

    I agree with you that the UAF throwing eggs at Nick Griffin is not remotely helpful, or morally defensible. I think it is far better to discuss ideas and debate them as we are doing here.

    You claim to support democracy and freedom of speech, so let’s discuss the issue at hand:

    I have provided evidence of BNP links with Forza Nuova, and I’m asking you whether you, as a Protestant clergyman, approve of Forza Nuova’s policies towards Protestants.

    It is widely rumoured that Nick Griffin is friends with Roberto Fiore, and it is well-known that Roberto Fiore’s understanding of Christianity is different to that of most Christians.

    I likewise wish you well, and hope that your faith will eventually compel you to distance yourself from the British National Party.

  17. RevdRMBWest Says:

    Dear Seismic,

    Thank you for your kind remarks.

    I am opposed to abortion and, so, to that extent, would disapprove of the Waldensian stance and approve of the Roman Catholic position, and, what I take to be Forza Nuova’s views on abortion, if they are peacefully opposed to abortion.

    As a Protestant I can confirm that both Forza Nuova and the Roman Catholic Church have the civic right to oppose Protestantism by peaceful means, short of incitement to violence. If it goes beyond that, then the Protestants have the moral and legal right to defend themselves by the use of reasonable force.

    I agree that the use of phrases like ‘to the stake’ is sinful, offensive, provocative, and (in my view) totally uncalled for; and I would certainly distance myself from that hatred, and condemn it.

    However, should such expressions be illegal, in and of themselves? The liberal political answer must be “No”. They are part of freedom of expression and a freedom of expression that cannot offend is worth nothing. There is one proviso: if the use of such expressions causes someone to honestly feel threatened in their immediate context, then that triggers the right of pre-emptive defence. So, if Forza Nuova are using such expressions, then, depending on the immediate context, they could be sailing close to the wind. In England the use of such phrases certainly breaches the Public Order Act but such phrases do not, in and of themselves, breach the common law.

    So, which is better: the common law or the Public Order Act? I think that the common law is the more liberal and the more Christian. Sometimes things have to be said which seem intemperate. Both Jesus and Paul said such things. The question is whether what is being said is true or justified. It has to be for the individual, not the state, to decide; and the individual has to first hear it in order to decide. I agree that it is not easy – but unless we are finding it difficult, we are not being tolerant.

    If you can supply me with a version of what Roberto Fiore’s views are on Christianity, then I will be happy to comment. I am not necessarily upholding all of their views; only their right to promote their views short of violence or the incitement to violence. The same will apply, must apply, obviously, to their opponents. And the Waldensians themselves have the same rights. On Mr Nick Griffin’s association with Roberto Fiore, this may not necessarily imply that he agrees with everything about Forza Nuova, any more than Ian Paisley’s sharing of power with Sinn Fein does.

    I look forward to hearing from you further on Mr Fiore’s views on Christianity.

  18. Rev. Pastor James Thompson Says:

    How extremely sad that a venomous spirit should be directed towards a cleric who supports the BNP! Should certain spokesmen or even teachings of this party be wrong; then two wrongs certainly do not make a right! Where O where, has Christian love and charity gone!

    For myself, I am neither a BNP member, nor a member of the Calvinistic school! I’m proud to be Arminion in theology as well as Historicist in prophetic interpretation. But this does not lead me to castigate with venom those of contrary p;ersuasions!

    As for political parties within the UK; well the current one in office is secularist and has just recently tried to over rule traditional Christian morality via a so-called ‘equality law’

    I sense we need to heed the words of Jesus: ‘to be as wise as serpents yet as harmless as doves’. Perhaps, more important of all, May it never have to be justifiably said of any of us – what was rightly said of another: “How you come across speaks so loud that, I’m sorry, I cannot follow what you say!”

  19. Webmaster Says:

    Strange you should mention this Scripture:-

    ‘to be as wise as serpents yet as harmless as doves’

    This Scripture has been rolling around in my head lately.

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